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We are full time professional couple juggling between cities and countries, balancing our work and personal life. And to make it work it requires a shift from conventional wisdom to progressive outlook towards each experience.

Here, we are building a creative gateway of expression and finding out ways for sharing, informing, exploring and generating new authentic and futuristic opportunities.

Somethings cannot be manufactured and so one of our core algorithm will be to simply trust our instincts to find solutions and focus on "Co-Creating" value content.


Money, ladder climbing, promotions defines work and success in the corporate world. It has been a far more rewarding journeys for us, we came across wonderful opportunities and exceptional people in the process, learnt life imbibing lessons and in the process acquired various skills and knowledge. In this enriching journey we have also realized that money is always a means to an end.

On the path to fulfill our higher goals of life, we were struggling to keep our commitment to life long learning and to find a way to express our passion and desire to share our experiences with people who might be seeking it and can benefit accessing the information.

It is this realization that gave birth to RoyKapurWORLD.




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