This is our monthly round-up of life in Japan.

  • “February is the border between winter and spring.”


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : February 2021

    “Come-on wake-up, this year there is no year-end closing for you”, you are on sabbatical, it’s fine, you can relax, you don’t have to worry about achieving your numbers.…My thoughts started flowing as we are already into mid-March 2021; another financial year-end is about to finish… Yes, I remember now, I am on sabbatical and I don’t have to chase for my year-end closings – That was one life for 2 decades, and it’s different this year – No boss chasing to dump stocks or do a forward sale or incentivize partners to pick-up material – Hahaha, I did all that so willingly and perfectly. While I was working, I…

  • "Enter this new year with a gratitude, for this new chance to create your dreams."


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : January 2021

    As I complete 1 year in Japan this February, we thought to start a monthly series about Japan; its daily life, its culture, its food, its unique aspects, its positives & sometimes even its negatives. In this series, “Tokyo Musings”, we will share our thoughts, knowledge, experiences, and insights from Japan with our readers. After staying for a year, possibly I think I understand and know Japan a little better than as I knew as a tourist traveling to Japan… With a base career in India, I have been traveling to Japan for 2 decades now and it had been only short visits of not more than 3 weeks. Again, in…