This is our monthly round-up of life in Japan.

  • It is June. I am tired of being brave.


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : June 2021

    Mid week the calendar moved from June to July. Half of the year is already gone fighting the pandemic. It is raining continuously in Tokyo. As I walk after dinner, the quietness of the night is making me recap and reflect. June is a month, for both reflections and resolutions since it is situated perfectly halfway through the calendar year. Let’s slow down a little bit. Take some time to think about what we want to do! It’s now time for some friendly gatherings (Covid19 emergencies in Japan had made all friendly gatherings a complete NO NO).  It is an overwhelming feeling to meet someone, especially a nice friend, after…

  • May CHAPTER 5 of 12


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : May 2021

    Well, well, well…Half the year of 2021 is going to be behind us in few more weeks – Could one imagine how fast the time flies…It feels as if we were in January a few days back, but I suppose the calendar doesn’t lie – it is indeed mid of June already.  It’s that time of the month again – where I reflect on the month that has just passed and focus my thoughts on the coming weeks. The best thing about, MEMORIES… is making them. SOMETIMES you will never know the true value of A MOMENT until it becomes a MEMORY. Such a relevant thing to comprehend – I…

  • "The first soft, tender, delicate green of spring salutes the eye in every direction."


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : April 2021

    April prepares her green traffic light & the world thinks GO – Welcome to April ! This April, we are all surrounded with news of vaccination progress at various stages in countries and its so called “political diplomacy” being talked about And Japan is also not left behind in these sweet talks – But, Hahaha, Japan is really left behind, at least in progress of vaccination to its citizens, for sure, only to keep extending the state of emergency month on month. However, the Tokyo’s state of emergency is only a ‘light lockdown’ meaning I am not been bound to the house, as there is no such enforcement here, and…

  • "In March winter is holding back and spring is pulling forward. Something holds and something pulls inside of us too.”


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : March 2021

    March is a great month in Japan, as it typically starts off with winter and slowly progress towards spring – One can experience two different seasons “Winter & Spring”. March is beginning of spring in most regions of Japan and March means “Sakura” – This year though the Cherry Blossoms bloomed early, taking everyone by surprise. Our neighborhood was also blooming with lovely Sakura… Spring and Sakura season always feels like a sign of new life and a fresh start in Japan. Sakura blooming from every part of tree😀 Almost every month in Japan comes with some cultural festival – symbolic to Japan’s old kept traditions – These are all…

  • “February is the border between winter and spring.”


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : February 2021

    “Come-on wake-up, this year there is no year-end closing for you”, you are on sabbatical, it’s fine, you can relax, you don’t have to worry about achieving your numbers.…My thoughts started flowing as we are already into mid-March 2021; another financial year-end is about to finish… Yes, I remember now, I am on sabbatical and I don’t have to chase for my year-end closings – That was one life for 2 decades, and it’s different this year – No boss chasing to dump stocks or do a forward sale or incentivize partners to pick-up material – Hahaha, I did all that so willingly and perfectly. While I was working, I…

  • "Enter this new year with a gratitude, for this new chance to create your dreams."


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : January 2021

    As I complete 1 year in Japan this February, we thought to start a monthly series about Japan; its daily life, its culture, its food, its unique aspects, its positives & sometimes even its negatives. In this series, “Tokyo Musings”, we will share our thoughts, knowledge, experiences, and insights from Japan with our readers. After staying for a year, possibly I think I understand and know Japan a little better than as I knew as a tourist traveling to Japan… With a base career in India, I have been traveling to Japan for 2 decades now and it had been only short visits of not more than 3 weeks. Again, in…