A Message from Tokyo

    Happy 2022! After a week-long relaxing time at home, the New Year begins… January again, Companies are back to work and schools are back to classes…The daily grind starts…And yes, like 2021, this year also COVID-19 also continues, but with a new name “OMICRON” We wish you a safe and Happy New Year 2022… In 2021, we also challenged ourselves and published 12 monthly updates from Japan under “Tokyo Musings” – In Japan, we learn to challenge ourselves for things that are hard to do but we want to accomplish it… This year we would try a different format and publish quarterly updates from Japan with a little twist –…

  • Decem-brrrr! is to have contentment, not comfort.


    Inner Musings from Tokyo : December 2021

    For Japanese language learners, December is a month that tests the whole year of efforts and dedication on, not only improving the language skills – written, spoken, and listening, but it is also about a process of understanding oneself, whether you are excited about giving the exam and continuing it the next year as well. My N3 classes got over in November and then it was a week of 復習 or revision. That 1 extra kanji or a grammar pattern if you could know more, might come in the exam! (A feeling before every exam, I guess) So, the first week of December was all about JLPT. This time again…