Your Gift can change the World!

I received some birthday presents/gifts from a dear friend and I want to tell about it.

Why did I decide to write on this?

On surface, to anyone this will look as some ordinary experience of feeling the happiness getting a gift from a dear friend. But there is a deeper meaning also which I feel I must share with those taking out some time and stopping by here.

You are giving your time to me and so I want the takeaway to be something relatable and meaningful, trust me it will be…keep reading

Every Gift Matters…

Couple of years ago also, I received a lovely handwritten postcard from this friend…Sent all the way from Australia – At a timing when I really needed it (Didn’t know what was the telepathy). I don’t remember exactly what was bothering me but you know there are moments in life when you simply want words of bit assurance, that everything is okay, you are doing your part well and for parts not in your control, just give some time, have faith and don’t blame yourself.

In this state of bothering mind and I struggling to calm it, I was just generally checking my post box for the utilities bills that must have come for the month and I see some handwritten thing in it.

Who writes letters these days? I just casually picked it and started reading. It was couple of minutes from picking it up to reading it few rounds in the elevator itself hurriedly and reaching my apartment, I don’t know why but I just read it number of times – It is very hard to explain what I was feeling from picking-up the letter TO reaching elevator TO reaching the apartment – Reading abruptly and randomly from wherever the eyes were going on letter.

By the time I enter the apartment thinking to sit and read it once more properly, something inside me started happening, the blood flow changes and an instant shift of emotions that I could not even understand well, but I started feeling nice, relaxed, worry-free and as if some toxins flushing out from my system.

The written content did mention things about our relationship and other friendship details which I will not talk about here but I think someone taking out time to first purchase a meaningful postcard, get a pen, write a loving note on it, and take it to a post-box and dropping it – It is an exercise and it takes time, and we all are busy, right…I think this itself made me feel so important that someone thinks I deserve this much of thoughtfulness from a busy schedule – and this is the assurance that I was craving for!

Every Gift Matters…Once again it happened…

Now this time also, exactly when I was experiencing moments of anxiety and perplexity I received some lovely things including this beauty. I had no idea about it.

But, this time now I think I understand what I felt instantly a couple of years ago. Perhaps if we take out some time to understand it, such simple and ordinary experiences of life bring such a deeper meaningful messages along with them.

Because this time I saw it, thanked her and the gifts were just sitting in the room for 2 days with some strange belief of mine that all the love, affection and good wishes is getting absorbed in my surrounding.

Then I brought this gift with me on a holiday where I could just sit, relax and enjoy the whole experience of unboxing, feeling the moment from within.

I felt that the universe is telling me and everyone else also that despite all the struggles that one faces, we are being loved and cared by the universe. Trust the universe, value the simplest abundance around us and show some willingness to experience the magical feelings transforming your way of looking at the same thing. I think there is some science that works.

There is more to this story but more on it in some other post.

But here would like to mention this beautiful advt. that looks like it summarizes ME to an extent – Here Tanishq’s Mia Raises A Toast To Women Fighting Prejudices Inherent In Workplaces.


For now, thank you to this friend for not only the gifts but also for this post content inspiration.

This was the – Mia Woman recognition moment | Are you listening Tanishq Team?

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