“February is the border between winter and spring.”


Inner Musings from Tokyo : February 2021

“Come-on wake-up, this year there is no year-end closing for you”, you are on sabbatical, it’s fine, you can relax, you don’t have to worry about achieving your numbers.…My thoughts started flowing as we are already into mid-March 2021; another financial year-end is about to finish…

Yes, I remember now, I am on sabbatical and I don’t have to chase for my year-end closings – That was one life for 2 decades, and it’s different this year – No boss chasing to dump stocks or do a forward sale or incentivize partners to pick-up material – Hahaha, I did all that so willingly and perfectly. While I was working, I used to look back at each month and plan forward for another, this year has been very different – But I haven’t stopped the habit of reviewing myself month on month. You would find some flavor of sales in my writing but pardon me – Habits die hardly!

Now if I look back and review our February, I realize February came as a month of so many beginnings and firsts that it got noticed so distinctly. I started to appreciate the change in me, patting me for noticing these – I think there would have been many such similar occasions earlier too, but I did not notice, even distinctly earlier…

Now, this is the fact – Let me tell you all, what did I notice and appreciated for the very first time…Had to come to Tokyo to appreciate these with-in me…

COVID had its 1st anniversary and is still all over the place…

Japan started administrating COVID-19 vaccinations for health workers in Japan in mid-February, earlier than late February as previously targeted!

Japan for the very first time extended its emergency for the longest period!

Japanese festival Setsu-bun also came a day earlier on Feb 2 for the first time in 124 years, normally been held on Feb 3 every year! – The people who are familiar with Japanese customs would know about Setsu-bun.

Un-ambiguous of what was happening in the world, nature’s blossoms also started showing-up very early this year and we in Tokyo had an unusually warm February!

I completed, 1 year of continuous stay in Japan for the very first time!

One thing worth mentioning about the firsts – Hurray, I secured my Japanese driving license in my 4th attempt!

Being on sabbatical for over 6months! (This is also one of the firsts).

We hit our first 1000 followers on our Facebook Page – Thank you to the community for their love and support and we will keep bringing more from our stable for all.

As I have said before in my previous post, my decision to stay with the family in Japan was very enriching as a family unit and also the opportunity in understanding Japan closely and how little by little I have got changed. The life here is very different than what I used to live in India – Expect a post dedicated to this on my other blog.

So let me share some memories from February – Enjoy the moments!

Have a great month, Mina-san!

And while it is too early for Cherry Blossoms, seeing the buds gives you the feeling that soon they will bloom
Awesome grilling driving test 3 times, made me learn how to pass the test in 4th time. The budding Sakura brought me a Japanese driving license
One of the afternoons on a weekend near to our place celebrated an Oishi Sushi and Sashimi salad lunch
While returning felt a little warm inside the heated waiting room on a station. It was still quite cold and heaters were still on in the waiting room, but soon would be off
Such a lovely shop. We were enticed to buy few fresh flowers but ended up buying more than what we have thought – The magic of the shop or the flowers!
Being a Birthday month of our family, since 2 out of 3 birthdays fall in February ?, enjoyed another day out on a delicious Donburi lunch on a weekend
Sakura flavored drinks were already started mid-Feb and we did enjoy both the drinks on separate days
It was time for us to go and visit a new school for our son and found a matching color vending machine ❤
By Feb end, blossoms had already bloomed – These are ‘Kawazu-Zakura’. Let’s welcome Spring 2021 a little early

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